How we acquired a flag for the Discovery Lab

Written By:  K.W.

    On April 15th, I was looking around our new Discovery Lab and noticed that there wasn't an American flag.  I told Mr. Sheppard and he told me to tell our principal Mr. Stuelke. Right then Mr. Stuelke walked in so I told him that we didn't have a flag. He told me that when he was growing up people could get an American flag that flew over our nation's capital by asking their congressional representative. Mr. Stuelke suggested that I write congresswoman Loretta Sanchez for help to get a flag.  Mr. Sheppard suggested that I use the Internet to  send her an e-mail, so I did.  In addition, I also extended an invitation to Loretta Sanchez to tour our Discovery Lab.

    The very same day we got an animated e-mail and a telephone call from her office but I had gone home already. The next morning I returned the phone call to her office and talked to a lady named Ann. Ann told me that Ms. Sanchez would be at our school the next Friday April 23, 1999 to give us our flag. The flag looks beautiful hanging in the Discovery Lab!

Thank you, Loretta Sanchez for visiting our school.


Loretta Sanchez on Stage at Lake High School
with K.W.  April 23rd, 1999

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April 29th, 1999