Keyboard Shortcuts

For Macintosh - Use the Command Key

CTRL+Z or ALT+BACKSPACE undo. Undoes the previous editing action, if the application allows.

CTRL+Y redo. In some applications (Excel, for example), this combination repeats the last action.

CTRL+A select all.

CTRL+X cut. Removes your selected block from your document (or selected icon) and puts it on the Windows Clipboard.

CTRL+C copy. Puts a copy of the block on the Clipboard.

CTRL+V paste.

CTRL+P Use this to print.

CTRL+S save.

CTRL+N new document.

CTRL+O open. Brings forth the open file dialogue box.

CTRL+B toggle bold off and on with this; this will apply (or remove) bolding to either selected items or to the text that's input next.

CTRL+I toggle italic with this.

CTRL+U toggles underlining.

To eject your zip disk (or other external media such as floppy disk or CD), click on the icon to highlight it, and press the COMMAND Key + E

(You can also select the Special menu, and select eject disk).

Another non keyboard method is to highlight the icon and drag it to the trash