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Difference between Netscape Navigator
and Communicator
This web site URL -address is
Click on the the hyperlink below

Communicator has the Composer Program for making and editing web pages.
Get to know our
web site
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Distribute Diskettes.
We don't need to save to the disks today.
Write your name on your disk. You will save your bookmarks and all other
files on the disk. Leave your disk in the lab.
Take the disk home at the end of the last class.
Windows 95 / 98 Basics
Windows 95 Online Guide
Windows 98 Online Guide
Windows 95 Tutorial
The Left Click  - mouse button allows you to select or open or close a program.
The Right Click  - mouse button brings down a pull down menu.
The Start Button  - allows you to start programs and shut down the computer.
Single Click  - allows you to select options or execute commands.
Double Click - used to start programs or open folders.
Minimizing (-) Maximizing and Closing a Window (X)       
On the Internet we will be single clicking with the left mouse button most of the time!

Format and Label your Floppy Disk

-Right Click "My Computer"
-Select "Explore" and right click on 3½ floppy (A)
-Select "Format"
-Give your disk a label. (10 characters or less)
-Click on "Start" to begin the formatting process.


Netscape Communicator

-Double click on the Netscape icon on your desktop
 OR  Click on the "Start button"
-Click on "Programs"
-Click on  the "Netscape Communicator folder"
-Select and Click on "Netscape Program icon"
To hold the start menu open while selecting programs,
left click the button once after after each selection.

Netscape Navigator:
Tool Bar and other important features
Function of Pull Down Menus:
File  |  Edit |  View |  Go |  Communicator |  Help

Function of Navigation icons: Backward | Forward | Reload | Home
Search | Netscape | Print | Security | Stop |  and  Bookmarks

Typing in Web address
Although most web addresses begin with http://,
you don't need to type that part of the URL.
Navigator will add it automatically.
Click in the Netscape "Location or Netsite" location box
or press the (Ctrl+O) keys together.  Type the following internet address. 
Click on Open page or push the Enter button

Erase Previous Bookmarks To Erase your bookmarks from "Your Computer on Drive C"
Click on Bookmarks
Select Edit Bookmarks.  Short Cut:  Press the (Ctrl+B) keys.
Scroll to the bottom and single click the last bookmark.
Press the delete key until all the bookmarks are gone.
Making your
First Bookmarks
1) Bookmark this page
    Click on Bookmarks from the Netscape Menu Bar
    Click on Add Bookmark or (Ctrl+D)
    To see the bookmark you added, click on the Bookmarks icon again.
2) Bookmark this page
2) Bookmark this page     
Setting your Browser
to Start with a page
of your Choice
Click on Edit, click on Preferences.  In the Home Page box, type the following:  This will be our starting page.
Click OK and then click on the Home icon on the Netscape Tool Bar.
You should now be at the The Internet Training index page


Using Search Engines
"Tip" Click below
 Short Cut

Search engines are not always the best way to find useful information on the Internet,
however, they are often helpful when used correctly!  
Practice and patience are necessary.
Click on the Search icon on the the Netscape Toolbar.  Try some of these links below.
Yahoo Maps


Explore the Net

Have Fun!

Netscape On-Line Tutorials New Netscape Users Guide -The Basics
The Communicator Tour
If you want, you can erase your bookmarks.

Close all applications

Shut down the computer!
To Erase your bookmarks from "Drive C" Select "Bookmarks" Click on Bookmarks and then "Edit Bookmarks"  
Scroll to the bottom and single click the last bookmark.
Press the delete key to erase the bookmarks you do not want.

Click the "Start button" select "Shut down"

Don't forget to turn in your Disks

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