Part II - Smart Browsing and E-mail

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Start Netscape

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Click on the Netscape icon on the desktop,
or click on the Start button ....
Programs |  Netscape Communicator | Netscape Navigator
To hold the start menu open while selecting  programs,
left click the button once after each selection.


Here is your chance to ask questions?

Organizing Bookmarks Click on Bookmarks Select Edit Bookmarks.  Short Cut :  Press the (Ctrl+B) keys.
Right click on the bookmark and select properties.  You can rename the bookmark.
You can categorize your bookmarks by making new bookmark folders. You can drag and drop, or cut, copy and paste bookmarks anywhere you like.  Of course you can always delete unwanted bookmarks by selecting the bookmark and pressing the delete key.

To learn more about how to manage your bookmarks visit the web site below.

Netscape Plug-Ins They are Browser helper programs. Check the link below for more details about Plug-ins.
Smart Browsing Simply type a word or phrase in the "Netscape Location Window."
Type "Ford Explorer" for an example.
Instant Stock Quotes Type the word "Quote" and the ticker symbol in the "Netscape Location Window."
Information by Zip code Type the word "Zip" in the "Netscape Location Window."  Only works US Zip Codes.
What's Related When you are viewing a webpage, click on "What's Related" to see related sites,
or "Search on this topic" to bring up Netscape's Search Directory.

Start Surfing!
Add bookmarks

Avoid all those advertisements.  Use my "Fast Search Page"


Saving your bookmarks
to your floppy disk
Be sure that you insert your floppy disk into your computer
Click on Bookmarks
Select Edit Bookmarks or (Ctrl+B)
Select File
Choose the "Save As"  
Select the Floppy Drive from the Save in:  Window
Save to  your "3½ floppy (A)"

Opening your bookmarks
from your floppy disk

Click on "File"
Click on Open Page or (Ctrl+O)  Select and click the "Choose File" button
From the Look In Window select the"3½ floppy (A)"
When you see your bookmark file, click on it.  Voila!  
Setting up your free
web based
E-Mail Account
Press (Ctrl+O) Type the following address and press the Enter key or click Open
We will set up our E-mail accounts together.  
We need a volunteer to set up an account at the instructor's computer station.
Tips when setting up your
Hotmail account:
Read the instructions carefully.
When you finish setting up your account, you will be given a
message that you were successful!
If you don't have a Hotmail account and want one, you must sign up.
Click the New user? Sign up now!
You will be presented with a long page (Agreement). Scan it over and click on the
"I Accept" button.  Hotmail is one of the most reliable free e-mail programs.
You have to answer all the questions when signing up.  
However,  questions like your age and sex you can type anything you want.
Choose a login name that is not too long and is distinctive.  Select a password.
Write down your user name and password.
Send e-mail to anyone
in the world or the person
next to you.
Your login name and your email address are not the same.  
My login name is ????
My e-mail address at hotmail is -

Close all applications
Shut down the computer!
Click the "Start button" select "Shut down"

Don't forget to turn in your Disks

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