Part III - Applying your skills:  Making a basic web page

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Today you may choose what you want to do.


Use Netscape to browse the Internet.
Bookmark web sites of  interest.  Click here for a Review
Be sure to save your book marks to your floppy disk.  Click here for a Review


Finish setting up your Web Based Hotmail E-mail account.  [Review]


Edit a web page from a template using Netscape Composer.
You will save the webpage and graphics to your floppy disk.  
Composer is a little buggy, but it is free and does a pretty good job!

Here is your chance to ask questions?  Take your disks home today

Start Netscape

Click on the Netscape icon on the desktop, or click on the Start button ....
Programs |  Netscape Communicator | Netscape Navigator

Go to Part III of our Internet Training Website

Making your
first web page

Click in the Netscape "Location or Netsite" location field
or press the (Ctrl+O) keys together.  Click on the link below or type the following URL:

Saving images from the web page template to
your floppy disk

1) Right Click on any blank portion of the web mypage.html
Select "Save Background As..." The file name should be opal-bg.gif
    Select a location for the image and save the background image
    The location should be your  "" floppy drive A"

2) Right Click on the pointer graphic in the "Links" portion of the page.
    Select "Save Image As..."  The file name should be pointer.gif
    Save to your floppy drive

3) Right Click on the picture of  "Table Mountain"  
    Select "Save Image As..."  The file name should be tblmtn-sa.jpg
    Save to your floppy drive

4) Right Click on the divider separating the parts of the web page
    Select "Save Image As..."  The file name should be divider.gif
    Save to your floppy drive

Saving  "mypage.html" to your floppy disk

Select File |  Save As  | choose your floppy drive for the location
You should have 4 graphics and mypage.html saved to your floppy disk
Opening "mypage.html"
with Netscape Composer.
Select File  | Open Page | in Composer |  Select Choose File |  Click on the mypage.html  from your floppy disk.
Or try the following:
Double click on your "3½ Drive A"   Right click on mypage.html  Select  Edit
Previewing your page
In Netscape Browser
Click on the Preview page icon to test your page.  Tic Tac Toe anyone!
Return to Composer clicking on the composer icon on the task bar


Editing your page
You can now edit your page in Netscape Composer
mypage.html is on the Internet at the following address 
Don't worry if make a mistake, you can always get this page on the Internet:

Click here for Instructions and list of things we hope to accomplish.

Do not delete any of the funny yellow tags in the Tic Tac Toe game table of the web page. This will mess up the java script and the game won't work.

Composer Tutorial

Building Web Pages with Netscape Composer Tutorial
Viewing HTML
Source Code
Click on the  View  command . Select  Page Source  (CTRL+U)
Wow!  It is a whole lot easier to make a webpage using Netscape Composer.
Close all applications
Shut down the computer!
Click the "Start button" select "Shut down"

Take Your Floppy Disk Home "Thanks"

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