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Sample of Internet Resources:

Huntington Beach, California - Live Video Feed
Live Weather Report from Lake High School, Garden Grove, California
The Nine Planets -A multimedia tour of the Solar System
View of the Earth from orbiting satellites
Xerox Park Map Viewer

Diamond Jim's Internet Magic Tricks
Welcome to my cave of magic!

For Serious Multimedia Web Heads - Art Museum Net

 More Places to Visit on the Tour

United Space Alliance Virtual Tour
(Requires Real Space plug-in From Live Picture)
First click on the link below. Download and install the Free Real Space plug-in.
Click on the link below to download the plug-in.

Van Gogh's Exhibit

View Surf  (live video streaming)
You need the COM One Video Plug-in to browse this site.
Download and try it for FREE!

Sheppard's Science Resources
Your Weight on another planet
Cyndi's List of Geneaology Sites on the Internet
Measure for Measure -A list of on-line calculators
Live Weather Report from Lake High School, Garden Grove, California
The current weather in Antarctica  -Mawson station
Newspapers On-line -Home Page
12 randomly selected real-time searches that users like you are performing
The Mayo Pharmacenter
Take the Windows 95 On-Line Tutorial
Leonard's Live Web Cams
Universal Currency Converter
The Surf Guru
Real time Space Shuttle Tracking
Garden Grove Unified School District's Official Web Site
On-Line Translations
Get Your FREE Personal Photo On-line!

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