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Course overview and evaluation


Mac OS Basics
Save and Save As
Lab procedures -html protocol
Science web resources tour
How to use Navigator
Previous UCI SSI WebQuests
Course templates
How to find resources
Selection of topic for WebQuest
Complete your evaluation
Tuesday Questions and answers
Topics and titles of WebQuests
How to open templates in Composer
How to use Composer:
Renaming your template files
Changing the title of your page
Working with Composer
Making Links inserting pictures
Finding Resources
Bookmarking Resources
Complete your evaluation
Wednesday Questions and answers
Continue work on WebQuest Continue work on WebQuest
Begin uploading WebQuest files
Complete your evaluation
Thursday Questions and answers
Continue work on WebQuest
Upload WebQuest files
Continue work on WebQuest
Upload WebQuest files
Complete your evaluation
Friday Questions and answers
Complete WebQuest
Upload WebQuest files
Presentations of WebQuests
Complete your evaluation


This page can be found at the following URL:

A few pointers that will me help you do a great job with your WebQuests

No spaces allowed in any Internet file.
Hyphens and Underscores are OK!
my-page.html or my_page.html are OK

Use only lower case letters when working all internet files. This will make things much easier.
Example: science.html  not  Science.Html

To save a graphic hold down the mouse button on the graphic you want and choose "save image as"
Select the location of all your other webpage files and rename the graphic if necessary.
Do not change the file extension.  leave the .jpg or .gif at the end of the file name.

Pictures should only be used to augment your web page.
You need at least two pictures.
One for our index page found at the addresses below, and one for your WebQuest.
Check the hyper link below to see what I mean.

Save your work frequently


Greg and Melanie