Science Web Quest
Created by:
Carolyn Starmer, Turtle Rock Elementary
Irvine Unified School District
Discover what elements make up comets and facts about Halley's Comet
Web Quests # 1 - 5
 We live in a region of space known to us as the Solar System.  The Solar System consists of planets and their moons, stars (the sun), and other objects such as asteroids, meteors, and comets.  These Web Quests will explore comets by using web resources.  Be sure you have a pencil and your Comments on Comets booklet. 

Comet Halebop
(1) What is a comet?
Look at the Web Quest #1 Questions in the booklet and answer the questions as you read. Be sure to look up words you don't understand or ask for clarification. 
Click on the link below:
What is a Comet?
(2) Halley's Comet
Look at the Web Quest #2 Questions in the booklet and answer the questions as you read. 
Click on the link below:
Halley's Comet
  (3) What's in a Comet? Game
In this game, you need to choose five elements that you think are in a comet.  Click on the box of each element you select, then write them down in your booklet next to #1.  Check to see if you were correct by scrolling to the end of the top section and clicking on SUBMIT.  If you were, CONGRATULATIONS for getting all five on the first try!  If you missed any, to try again, click on BACK, click on the elements you want to remove, then click on the other elements you want to try. Record your second choices next to #2.  Continue guessing,  re- cording, and checking until you have identified all five elements. 
Click on the link below:
Let's Play the Game!
(4) Colorful Comets
Use a search engine to find pictures or photographs of 3 different comets.  You must find them in three different places, that means you'll have three different URLs.  In your booklet, illustrate the comets you find.  Write the name of the comet you drew and write the URL under each picture.
Search Engines
Alta Vista Hotbot Search Engine Watch
All the Web Lycos Snap
Dogpile Northern Light Study Web
Excite Savvy Search Webcrawler
Google Yahoo  |  Yahooligans


(5) Make a Kitchen Comet
Listen and watch carefully as your teacher makes a comet right before your eyes. 
After the demonstration, you will write in your booklet about what you saw. 
The teacher will click on the link below:
Lets make a comet

A Few Internet Resources:
Awesome Science Library
Martindale's Reference Desk
Potter's Science Gems
Sheppard's Science Resources
Sheppard's Useful Links


Web Quest #1 Questions
1. What elements make up the nucleus of a comet? 
2. What is the atmosphere around the nucleus of a comet called? 
3. What makes comets visible to humans? 
4. What word is used to describe the time it takes a comet to make one complete trip around the sun? 
5. What are two major differences between a planet and a comet?
Web Quest #2 Questions
1. How long has Halley's Comet been known?
2. Why was the comet named after Edmund Halley?
3. How long is Halley's Comet's orbit?
4. When was Halley's prediction proven to be true?
5. How many comets have been studied by spacecraft?
   Why do you think this is so?
6. When will Halley's Comet be visible again?
    How old will you be then?
Web Quest #5 Directions
After observing the Kitchen Comet demonstration, write about what you saw.  You may want to write about what the teacher did.  Or you can describe how the materials used to make the comet reacted to each other.  Be as descriptive as you can.
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Created August 6, 1998
Last Revised
March 5, 2000