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Fast Food Choices:
You are What You Eat!
Worksheet Part I

OK, how much fat can I get away with?

On the average, Americans eat a diet in which about 36 percent of the calories come from fat. This is too high for good health for some people. The Dietary Guidelines suggest a goal of 30 percent or less of total calories from fat. They also suggest limiting saturated fatty acids to less than 10 percent of calories.

In a diet with daily calories of... Which is about right for... The grams of total fat shown provide 30% of calories The grams of saturated fatty acids shown provide 10% of calories
1,600  Sedentary women, young children, and some older adults  53  18
2,200  Most children, teenage girls, active women, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, and many sedentary men.  73  24
2,800  Teenage boys, many active men, and some very active women  93  31

Read the questions below or on the next page. Answer the questions to find information on the nutritional value of your fave fast food. Finding the answers will help you juggle your choices and munch out with a clear conscience!
1. Well, what's the largest amount of saturated fat that should be in my food each day?
Based on the chart above, how many total grams of saturated fat should be in the food you eat per day? _______
2. Can I live it up on the weekends and go easy during the week?
Multiply your answer from question 1 by 7: _____________ 
That's the "max" of saturated fat you should average a week. Some days you can have more, if you cut back on other days.
 3. How many McDonald's fries can you munch?
How many saturated fat grams are in a large order of  McDonald's fries? _________
How many fat grams are in a Big Mac? _________
What is the total? _________
 Is this a good choice to eat every day? _________
4. Will a Taco Bell Gordita make you gordo (fat)?
How many saturated fat grams are in 1 Santa Fe beef Gordita? ___________
How many saturated fat grams are in a Burrito Supreme? ___________
What's a healthier choice? ___________
5. Wolfing down a Wendy's meal...
How many saturated fat grams are in a Chicken Caesar Pita Sandwich? ____________
How many fat calories are in the Big Bacon Classic hamburger? ____________
What's a healthier choice? ____________
6. Livin' Large at Jack's!
If you get a Jumbo Jack combo, how many saturated fat grams are there altogether? (Add the Jumbo Jack and the fries together):  ___________
 Is this a good choice to eat every day? ___________

Do the foods you eat provide more fat than is good for you? Answer the questions below, then see how your diet stacks up.
How often do you eat...  seldom/never sometimes  often  always
1. fried, deep-fat-fried, or breaded foods? (like french fries)        
2. fatty meats such as sausage, luncheon meats, or heavily marbled steaks and roasts?        
3. whole milk, regular, hard cheeses, or ice cream?        
4. high-fat desserts such as pies, pastries, or rich cakes?        
5. rich sauces or gravies or regular salad dressings?        
6. breads with lots of fat such as croissants or rich muffins?        
7. whipped cream, table cream, sour cream, or cream cheese?        
8. butter or margarine on vegetables, dinner rolls, or toast?        

Take a look at your answers. If you have three or more responses in the last two columns, this indicates that you may have a high fat intake.  You can cut back on the amount you eat as well as the number of times you eat fatty foods.