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Teacher Notes - Endangered Animals

Created by:
Karen Eckelbarger
Irvine Unified School  District, Irvine, CA
Suggested Grade Level:Grade 3

Science Content Standards:
California Science Content Standards 
Grade 3, Life Science, 3. Adaptations in physical structure or behavior may improve an organism's chance for survival.   As a basis for understanding this concept, students need to know: a, b, c, d, e

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California Content Standards Grades K-12
California Content Standards Grades K-12 - Science -PDF Format

Background: Students will need to have an understanding of plant and animal habitats, the environment, and  endangered species.


Interpreting data, making inferences,  making predictions, taking notes, writing reports 
Computer literacy
Effective use of Internet resources

Report on an Endangered Animal, completed word search, teacher observation, peer evaluation 

Student created web page, field trip to the WayStation in Tarzana.  Click here for information about the Waystation.

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 August 9, 1999
Revised August 8, 2000