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Teacher Notes - Properties of Light

Created by: Kristal Pride
Saddleback Valley Unified School District
Suggested Grade Level: 3 - 9

Science Content Standards:
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California Content Standards Grades K-12
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Grade 3:  1d; 2b,c,d
Grade 4: 1g
Grade 7: 6a,b,e,f,g
Grade 9: 4f 

Background:  This lesson is designed to be an introduction to the properties of light.  Students will learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, parts of a wave, and light behavior.  Activities and additional information should supplement this lesson so that students can obtain a greater understanding.  I have included recommended demonstrations.

1. Light spectrum with prisms

2.  Make a microscope lens (paper clip, water, glass) 

3. Refraction with pencil and/or ruler in glass of water
    Refraction with penny in glass of water

Data collection & interpretation
Computer literacy
Effective use of Internet resources

Create a student activity sheet to check for completion of activity and understanding.

1. Encourage students to visit some of the "Extras" sites included at the end of the lesson

2. Allow students to perform some of the demonstrations and provide explanations as to why the demonstrated phenomena occur. 

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October 11, 1999
Revised August 9, 2000