There are two files that you will need to rename and edit to make your interactive quiz.  This is so that people cannot see the answers in the source code of your .html file.  Please follow the directions below.



      First, edit the blank-quiz.html file


  1. Think of 5 multiple choice questions and record them.


  1. Think of 4 responses for each question—a, b, c, d—and record them.


  1. Record the correct responses for each question.


  1. (a) Using Netscape Composer, open blank-quiz.html.

          (b) Using the “save as” command, rename "blank-quiz.html" to "yourtopic-quiz.html.”

          (c) Select "Format," then "Page Colors and Properties" to change the title of your page.

          (d) Change the "test your knowledge about” section to match your WebQuest.

          (e) Do not delete any of the yellow tags that you see.

(f) Highlight and type over the questions and responses for each of the five questions.


  1. Save your work. 


  1. Under the Edit menu select "HTML Source.” 


  1. Find the line <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" src="quiz.js"> </script>


  1. Between the two ditto marks, change the words "quiz.js"  to "webquestname-quiz.js" – use small letters.


  1. Save your work and preview it. 


Your quiz file will not work properly until you edit your "webquestname-quiz.js” file.


You have completed the first part of your interactive quiz. This is tedious work, but you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Always ask for help, even if you just want to verify that you are doing the right thing.


Next, edit the quiz.js file. This file has three parts.  You only have to change two parts.

Using a text editor program such as Simple Text (Mac OS) or Notepad (Windows), open quiz.js.

Part 1 contains the correct answers for each of the five questions.


var score = 0;

ans[1] = "b";

ans[2] = "c";

ans[3] = "a";

ans[4] = "c";

ans[5] = "b";

Carefully change the correct letters for each question.  Do not delete anything except the letters

a, b, c, or d.


Part 2: Give an explanation for the correct answer.  Keep answers short, even though some questions will lead to interesting class discussions.


explainAnswer[1]="Albert Einstein was a famous scientist";

explainAnswer[2]="An asteroid hit the earth changing the earth's climate";

explainAnswer[3]="Plutonium is a heavy metal";

explainAnswer[4]="The earth rotates on its axis";

explainAnswer[5]="Astronauts are in a state of free fall";


Save as “yourtopic-quiz.js”


Part 3: Optional.  You may change the comments for each score from 0 to 5.


answerText=answerText+"\nComment : ";


answerText=answerText+"Come on! Give me a break!";



if(score>=1 && score <=2){

answerText=answerText+"Take the quiz again";



if(score>=3 && score <=3){

answerText=answerText+"You have signs of intelligence";



if(score>=4 && score <=4){

answerText=answerText+"Very good";



if(score>=5 && score <=5){

answerText=answerText+"You are a genius!";