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I Dig Dinosaurs!! 

Created by:  Cathy Murray
7th Grade Science Teacher 
Tustin Unified School District,  Tustin, Cal
National Science Foundation Mentor Teacher

URL: http://www.can-do.com/uci/ssi2000/dinosaurs.html 
URL: http://www-sci.lib.uci.edu/SEP/ssi2000/dinosaurs.html 

Purpose: To Experience a Virtual Dinosaur Dig.

Click here to see a sneak preview of what you'll discover! 
Click the green BACK arrow to return.

Resources Needed:  Connection to the Internet and a copy of  "I Dig Dinosaurs!!" Movie Quest.

Your Task: Print the Movie Quest Worksheet and dig into your Virtual Dinosaur Dig!


1. Ready to start your virtual Dinosaur Dig?
    Click on the movie link below to view a movie
of finding, digging, and excavating dinosaur bones.
This is an hour long movie with a "commercial" at the beginning for the dance program
     at Ball State University in Indiana.  Move the diamond on the Quick Time Player to 7:35 to begin
     the actual dinosaur dig.  Once to the site, scroll down to the "View here" button.

Print yourto get the most out of your experience in the Vrtual Dinosaur Dig!
  Movie Quest Worksheet .PDF format.
Requires Acrobat Reader

Go to the Movie Now!
Go to movie now


Go to the Movie Now!
   2. Who is Sue??     How did she get her name?? 
Click on "Who is Sue" for a list of interesting questions with intriguing answers 
                                   that you can find at the following site:


3. Here's an awesome link to see skeletons of your favorite dinosaurs!
You can also pick your favorite ones to research!

It is a virtual tour of the Dinosaur Exibits at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

Hope you had fun!
Come back and see us any time!!


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August 18, 2000
Revised August 22, 2000