I Dig Dinosaurs!!
~Movie Quest~

Ready to start your virtual Dinosaur Dig?
    Click on the link in "I Dig Dinosaurs" to view a movie
of finding, digging, and excavating dinosaur bones.
This is an hour long movie with a "commercial" at the beginning for the dance program
     at Ball State University in Indiana.  Move the diamond on the Quick Time Player to 11:30 to begin
     the actual dinosaur dig.  Once to the site, scroll down to the "View here" button.

As you go through your Movie Quest, you will experience your virtual Dinosaur Dig!

While you're watching the movie between minutes 11:30 and 15:23 answer the following questions:
             1. What states are they working in?______________________  Outside of what city?__________________
             2. What is "Dinosaur Diamond?"____________________________________________________________
             3. What is this formation called? ____________________________________
             4. What year was the apatasaurus found on this location? _______ Who discovered it?________________
             5. How large is the forearm of the brachiosaur?________________________________________________
             6. Where are these skeletons on display?_____________________________________________________

Please feel free to pause or rewind the movie at any time to help answer your questions.

Questions to go with minutes 15:30 to 36:00:
            7. How do you know where to start digging for dinosaur bones?____________________________________
            8. How do you recognize dinosaur bone fragments?  (We saw these in class!)_________________________
            9. What is the definition of a "fossil"?_________________________________________________________
          10. Briefly describe how the T-Rex in the cartoon video clip became a fossil.__________________________
          11. Why is it important to make good observations and to take good notes as a scientist?________________
          12. When was the quarry they're working in discovered?_________
          13. How did the teeth marks get on the dinosaur's hip bone?_______________________________________
          14. How do Paleontologists piece together the environment in which dinosaurs lived?  (Give examples)
          15. How old was the person who discovered the dinosaur egg in this quarry? _____
          16. What are the stories that broken dinosaur bones can tell? (name 3)_______________________________
          17. Approximately how big is the allosaur claw the man is holding? _________________________________
          18. How did this area get its name?___________________________________________________________
          19. At the time of this movie, they had been digging from 1982 to 1999, how many years is that? ________
                How many dinosaurs were found during that time?_____________
          20. What geologic time zone is recorded in the rock of this quarry? _________________________________
          21. What was the first bone found by Mr. Mogatt? _____________________________________
                What did he think it originally was?_______________________________________________

  Questions to go with minutes 36:00 to 47:00
          22. What are the tools that paleontologists use to "dig out" a dinosaur bone?
          23. Why haven't any Triceratops been found in this quarry?__________________________________
          24. Both Triceratops and T-Rex lived in the _____________________ period,
                at the ______ of the age of the dinosaurs!
          25. Which tool do "dinosaurs diggers" use the most?_____________________________________
          26. Once the top of a dinosaur bone is uncovered, what has to happen next before it is sent to a museum?
                Describe the process:__________________________________________________________________
         27. What are the "A, B, C, D's" of the dinosaurs found in this quarry?______________________________
         28. Write your reaction to the process of extracting a dinosaur bone from its rock matrix to get it ready for
               display at a museum:___________________________________________________________________


Questions to go with minutes 47:00 to 58:00
        29. What steps are needed to "put flesh on the bones" of a dinosaur and make it "come to life"?
        30. What is the largest bone found that was all in one piece from this quarry?_________________________
              How did they get it into the museum building?________________________________________________

        Conclusions: What geologic time period do the bones in this quarry come from?______________________
                               How long ago was this time period?___________________
                               How do scientists know this?____________________________________________________