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UCI Summer Science Institute WebQuests - 2001


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Latest seismic activity for Los Angeles and Orange County - Also contains other USGS links

To explore the seismic activity of the earth through Internet websites with follow-up activities:
In this lesson you will learn many things including how an earthquake is measured and the latest
"earthshaking news" around the planet!


Resources Needed:
Computer connected to internet, materials needed for experiments, paper pencil.

Your Task:  Explore the links below and do the activities that follow


Movie -Click here to watch   Earth Structure

Earthquake Globe
Locating An Earthquake
Cool Earthquake Facts
Today in Earthquake History

Plate Tectonics Map
Earthquake glossary
Earthquake Exhibit
World Earthquake Report
Did You Feel It?
Earthquakes Effects and Experiences
World Data Center For Seismology


1. Do the word search on Earthquake terms.
2. Make a list of 3 of the most recent earthquakes that you have found in the world.
    Locate the areas on the map.
3. Take a tour of the Earthquake Exhibit
4. Go to Plate Tectonics. Study the three types of shifting and sliding and be able to demonstrate.
5. Create a model . See model.
6. Do the experiment with Plate Tectonics.
7. Find out how plate movements have affected the coast of California in the Tectonic Timeline.

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