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UCI Summer Science Institute WebQuests - 2001

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Suggested Grade Level: 9-12 

Science Content Standards: 
Science-Grade 9 - 12 :  Physical Sciences, Earth Science

4e - Radio waves, light and X-rays are different wavelength bands in the spectrum of electromagnetic waves whose speed in vacuum is
        approximately 3x108 m/s (186,000 miles/second). 

4f - How to identify the characteristic properties of waves: interference (beats), diffraction, refraction, Doppler effect, and polarization. 

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Teachers should have:

  • General background knowledge using the Internet.
  • General background knowledge in Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Demonstrations using slinkys to show waves. 


  •        to introduce general properties of all electromagnetic waves, 
  •        to identify the position of each type of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum according to its wavelength and frequency, 
  •        to discuss methods used to detect and analyze different waves, 
  •        to analyze the relation between the specific properties of waves, and their position in the electromagnetic spectrum, 


  • Observing
  • Data collection
  • graphing
  • interpretation
  • Effective use of Internet resources
  • Presentation skills - PowerPoint, 
  • On-line quizzes
  • Student generated word search and criss-cross puzzles
  • Students can create Powerpoint presentations
  • Students can create On-line Portfolios


  • Presentations -PowerPoint or Hyperstudio, 
  • student created web page. 

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