Flowering Plants Teacher Notes  

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Jennifer Hilbrands
Ocean View School District

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Suggested Grade Level: 2 

California Science Content Standards: 

Grade 2: Investigation and Experimentation (4c, d,f)
Grade 2: Life Science (2e,f) 

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           Students will need a basic understanding of what a flowering
           is and why are they important. For example, for the growth of fruit.
           Students will learn about the reproduction of flowering plants
           through use of the internet (on-line movie, coloring page, reading,
           quizes, and worksheets based on thier gardens.)

         Students will need the basic understnading of the internet.
           Students will need a basic understanding of computer literacy.
           Students will need to know the skills entailed with gardening.
           Students will be required to use a ruler to measure and calculate
           the growth of the flowers in their garden.

        Students will complete an on-line quiz on pollination BrainPop 
             Students will complete a journal based on thier observations of
           their gardens.
           Students will complete a worksheet based on thier undrstanding
           of the parts of a flower.

         Have students take pictures of their flowers and have them write a story that 
           includes a garden in it. Paste the pictures to their stories. Students can also write
           poetry about flowers and how they grow. 

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August 10, 2001