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UCI Summer Science Institute WebQuests - 2001

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Student will be able to discriminate between varieties of ladybugs.
Students will be able to interpret the facts of the life cycle of the ladybug and their habitat.

Resources Needed:

You will need a computer and have access to the internet, basic navigational skills, picture books, reference books about insects.
You will make a model of a ladybug with black painted paper plate, red tissue paper, pipe cleaner, and bug shape paper.

First Task:

To learn  about ladybugs using the following websites:  Ask your teacher for help.

1    Background info and activities about the lady bug - Be Patient! Server is sometimes busy
2    Lady bug dance - Just for Fun!
3    Lady bug life cycle Print out -  Be Patient! Server is sometimes busy
4    Ladybug activities printouts, crosswords and more

Second Task:

Match the Ladybug twins

Third Task:

Play the a " Eat the Aphids" game    - Requires Macromedia's shock and Fash Plugin

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