Plant Adaptation

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What is special about the leaves, stems and roots of plants that live in these places?


leaves Catch sunlight and carbon dioxide.  Catch sunlight, carbon dioxide and water.  Smaller or no leaves to cut down on loss of water from transpiration.Waxy coating to keep in moisture. 
stems  Water holds the plants up. Stems may be tough, but they don't have to be stiff.  Strong and covered with bark to prevent
loss of water as it moves from root to leaves.
 Stems are "succulent',meaning they can store water.
roots  Plants that live in the water don't need
 extensive root systems. They may have "holdfasts" to help them attach.
 Roots go deep into the soil (tap roots) to
ensure survival through different seasons and amounts of rainfall.
 Shallow, wide-spreading roots absorb water quickly.
  pond forest desert


Draw,color and label a picture of your own plant (real or invented) in its home environment.
Use the back of this page.