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Suggested Grade Level: 6 to 9 

Science Content Standards: Note the following are examples.

Grade 6: Investigation and Experimentation (7a, b, c, e, g, h)
Grade 7: Investigation and Experimentation (7a, b, c, e) 
Grade 8: Investigation and Experimentation (9a, b, e,) 
Grade 9: Investigation and Experimentation (1a, c, d, i,) 

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Students will need background information about faults, earthquakes, and pangea.  They will need to learn appropriate vocabulary: plate tectonic theory, geothermal energy, pangaea, continental drift, interaction, force, cause-effect, predicting, analyzing, consequence.


Interpreting data, making inferences, forming hypotheses, making predictions, . 
Computer literacy. 
Effective use of Internet resources. 


Presentations - worksheet, peer evaluation, web quiz, writing samples, teacher observations

a variety of games, interactive sites, and information on the web.

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