Postcards from the Gold Rush! Student Worksheet Each postcard must have: 1. A picture from your trip 2. A description of your picture: who, what, where, and any other interesting facts 3. A personal letter to your loved one back home - include details about your trip 4. A stamp Card 1. Introduction: Who are you? Why you are making this trip? Be creative! Are you a sailor? A child? A salesman? A writer? Card 2. Describe an interesting place that you have discovered while on this journey. Card 3. Write about an interesting "thing" from the gold rush period. Why is this object important? Card 4. Tell about an interesting person that you have met along the way. Why is this person important to you? Card 5. Write about an "idea." Select a picture that represents an issue or problem that was relevant during the gold rush. For example: racism, gold fever, supply/demand Card 6. Conclusion: What happened to you? Did you strike it rich? Are you going to return home? What are your final impressions of the gold rush?