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Yvette K. Stuewe, NBCT
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Suggested Grade Level: 7

Science Content Standards: 

Grade 7-Life Sciences-  5c How bones and muscles work together to provide a structural framework for movement. 

Grade 7-Investigation and Experimentation- 7b Utilize a variety of print and electronic resources (including the World Wide Web) to collect information as evidence as part of a research project. 
                                                                      7c Communicate the logical connection among hypothesis, science concepts, tests conducted, data collected, and conclusions drawn from the 
                                                                           scientific evidence. 
                                                                       7e Communicate the steps and results from an investigation in written reports and verbal presentations. 

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S.C.O.R.E. Standards and Framework
California Content Standards Grades K-12
California Content Standards Grades K-12 - Science - PDF Format

Students need a basic background in using the Internet. 

Interpreting data, making inferences, forming hypotheses, making predictions, graphing. 
Computer literacy. 
Effective use of Internet resources. 

Skeleton notes, skeleton worksheet (labeling bones), quiz in The Bone Zone, journal with hypotheses and comparisons of human, vole, bird bones. 
Presentations -PowerPoint or Hyperstudio, student created web page, group research project

Hang a Halloween skeleton in the room to help the students learn the bones. Play a bone bee(ie: spelling bee)  or around the world as the students name the bones that you point to.
Reconstruct a skeleton from the bones found in the pellet.
Extended research on the skeletal system or owls.
Discussion of the food web in connection to the owl pellets.
Peer teach the information to a younger class. (Owl pellets matches the 4th grade CA Content Standards)
Presentations -PowerPoint or Hyperstudio, student created web page. 

Further References:
Gander's Academy, Owl Pellets  Offers an abundance of information on owls and a dichotomous key to identify skulls found in the pellets. 
Software: CD-ROM Owl Pellets: Studying Barn Owls and Other Predators White Owl Enterprises, PO Box 806, Winona, MS  38967

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August 16, 2002