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1. Who was Albert Einstein?
a) the current President of the United States
b) a famous 20th century scientist
c) a famous classical pianist and amateur astronomer
d) the guy who invented the lightbulb

 2. Dinosaurs probably became extinct because ...
a) there was a dinosaur war
b) of a deadly virus
c) an asteroid hit the earth 65 million years ago
d) they became too large to support their weight

 3. Plutonium
a) is a heavy metal
b) comes from Pluto
c) causes Superman to loose his powers
d) helps cure depression

 4. What causes day and night?
a) sunlight is blocked by the moon
b) the tilt of the earth
c) the earth rotates on its axis
d) the earth revolves around the sun

 5. Astronauts experience weightlessness in space because:
a) there is no gravity
b) they are in a state of freefall
c) the moon counteracts the earth's gravity
d) they are traveling really fast

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