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Test your knowledge about Gas Laws.

1. Boyle's Law shows?
a) the inverse relationship between the volume and pressure of a gas
b) the direct relationship between the volume and temperature of a gas
c) outcome of the people vs. Boyle trial
d) the indirect relationship between the volume and temperature of gas

 2. Charles' Law temperature is measured...
a) in Jewels
b) in Kelvin
c) in Pascals
d) in Newtons

 3. Dalton's Law pertains to...
a) how fast gas molecules can move in partial pressure
b) partial pressure of each gas in a mixture
c) the measurement of absolute zero
d) how many molecules of gas are in a chemical reaction

 4. Gay-Lussac's Law uses the following mathematical formula...
a)  PV/T = C
b)  PV = C
c)  V = CT
d)  P = CT

 5. The Combined Gas Law is...
a) combining gases in equal propotions
b) the proportion of gases in air
c) the combination of Boyle's, Charles' and Gay-Lussac's laws in a mathematical relationship
d) the mathematical relationship of Dalton's and Charles' Law

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