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An Introduction to Cells - Primer

1. Which of the following is a characteristic of prokaryotes ?
a) they have a nucleus
b) they were found on earth before eukaryotes
c) they are made out of carrots
d) the organelles in their cytoplasm are surrounded by membranes.

 2. Which of these is an example of a prokaryotic cell ?
a) amoeba
b) virus
c) bacterium
d) liver cell

 3. A protein that fits into the cell membrane
a) has two polar end sections that bond with water
b) floats in the cell membrane
c) has a non-polar middle section
d) all of the above

 4. Cell membranes
a) are only found on a small number of cells
b) contains genes
c) are made of DNA
d) are thin coverings that surround cells

 5. Proteins are made in cells on the
a) mitochondria
b) ribosomes
c) nucleus
d) cell membranes

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