Renaming and editing all your WebQuest files so they link together:

WebQuest and Teacher Notes: ssi2003.html, ssi2003-t.html

Interactive Quiz: blank-quiz.html, quiz.js


The following instructions are confusing but are necessary.  Once you rename and link all your files correctly you will be ready for the fun part.  The analogy is – “you have built your house and are ready to furnish it.”  No worries mate!  All tedious tasks will be done together – demonstrated by the instructor.  We will not move on until everyone gets it right!  Warning, Patience is required!


  1. Search the California science content standards to select your topic.  You may search by grade level or by subject area.
  2. Rename your folder from “Your WebQuest and quiz files” to “your name,” for example, “Jane Doe’s Webquest and quiz files.”
  3. Rename “ssi2003.html” with a descriptive file name for your topic.  For example, if your topic is density, then rename file as “density.html
  4. Similarly, rename your teacher notes page from “ssi2003-t.html” to


  1. Rename “blank-quiz.html” to, for example, “density-quiz.html”
  2. Rename “quiz.js” to, for example, “density-quiz.js”
  3. Open Netscape Composer.
  4. Open your renamed WebQuest file, for example, “density.html
  5. Highlight  the “Title for your WebQuest Goes Here,” and replace with the name of your WebQuest.
  6. Under “Created By,” highlight “Your Name,” “Your School District,” and the page URL, and type the correct information.  The URL should be similar to this one
  7. Using the drop down menu, select “Format” and then “Page Colors and Properties” and type the name of your WebQuest.  This name will show up in the title bar of your browser.  Next, under “Author,” type your name here.  Save the changes.
  8. Based on your WebQuest topic and content standards, include the appropriate grade level.
  9. Making your pages link together.   Using the graphics below as a guide, link the picture of the quiz to the renamed quiz.html file and the  Similarly link the graphic to “To teacher page”  to the renamed “ssi2003-t.html”


Congratulations!   Now you are ready for





To save time we need to perform one more step before we edit the teacher page. Let’s do it together.  Shall we begin?


* Please perform similar instructions to edit your teacher page.  Your teacher template page should already be renamed. We must ensure that the two pages toggle back and forth.  Hit counters and setting up you e-mail will occur during or near the end of the course.