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UCI Science WebQuests from all years

You will obviously cover more than one standard. Clearly state your purpose keeping in mind that good web resources and interactive web sites will make learning fun for students and therefore increase student interest and academic performance that goes far beyond the scope of the present content standards.

You are creating this WebQuest for your own needs, but remember that many educators will be using your WebQuest for many reasons and for many grade levels.

Finally, it is essential that you monitor your own WebQuest for broken links.  The web is constantly changing and we will upload any future changes you would like to make to your WebQuest.

Without your commitment, our efforts are greatly diminished and will be less useful for you and thousands of educators and students worldwide. 

This week will be both difficult and rewarding, and we are flexible enough to work with you so that you can produce your best work. If the past is any prediction of the future, you will find that by Friday you will feel proud of what you have achieved. 

Again please monitor your work, keep in touch with any news or modifications to your WebQuests. We are counting on all of you to keep in touch by e-mail or telephone. If you learn of a great resource or want to share some ideas, please let us know.

Your Task: This will vary according to each WebQuest.  Quality is more important than quantity, however, you should have have resources from at least five web sites.

The Internet is not just a text book on-line and your WebQuest should be fun and interactive.  This means that the user must do more than just read text.  Why do you think video games are so much fun?

One basic interactive assessment tool is a quiz.  You will create an interactive five-question quiz as part of your WebQuest.

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