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Test your knowledge about the life cycle of stars

1. Which star color is the hottest?
a) red
b) white
c) yellow
d) blue

 2. All stars begin as a
a) red giant
b) nebulae
c) supernova
d) white dwarf

 3. The correct life cycle to death for a very large mass star is
a) main sequence, red giant, white dwarf
b) black hole, supernova, red giant, nebulae
c) main sequence, supergiant, supernova, black hole
d) main sequence, supergiant, supernova, neutron star

 4. What elements does the sun ideally burn & produce during nuclear fusion?
a) lithium to berylium
b) helium to hydrogen
c) hydrogen to helium
d) carbon to nitrogen

 5. Black holes relate in size to a
a) solar system
b) planet like the Earth
c) country
d) town

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