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Bytes per Second and all that Stuff


Test your Internet throughput speed for both graphics and text -click on performance test
Test your bandwidth Internet speed connnection - ZDNET - CNET
Test your bandwidth Intenet speed connection - from
Test your download speed from this DSL Resource Page
Test many broadband test sites
My Speed Test - both download and upload
Internet Speed Tests for Broadband and DSL - Tests both up and download speeds
Numion -One of the most accurate internet connection speed testing sites. Traceroute etc ...

Tracercert - includes pinging your site
Trace Route from MIT
Traceroute from different places
Visual Server Traceroute

Convert bits - bytes/kilobits/kilobytes/megabits/megabytes etc.

Check out how secure your computer is on the Internet! - Shields Up
Computer Virus Myths homepage
Computer Virus Hoaxes
Domain Name Information"Whois" -Internic
Net ice - Black Ice, a firewall to guard your computer while online
Port scan - How secure is your "Always on connnection"?
SpywareInfo · Spyware and Hijackware Removal Specialists
What time is it? USNO -United States Navel Observatory (Eastern time)
Whatis -A huge glossary of Internet and computer terms. Cyberculture! 

The List - The definiutive Internet services Buyers Guide
ISP Planet

Domain Name Searches
Domain Name Search
Domain Name Search -Network Solutions
Who owns the Domain name

File Download Calculator -Relative download times from modem to T1 and beyond
Networking Essentials for Educational Institutions - Sponsored Cisco Systems

Internet Traffic Report
Internet Weather Report
Official U.S. Time  Accurate within less than a second
The Web's Most Popular Sites!
Time and date - A guide to timezones and calendars and much more.
USNO - What time is it?
What Time is it? -World Time Zone Converter from CNN
World Clock - Current local times around the world
World Time - Interactive world atlas, information on local time as well as sunrise and sunset times in several hundred cities, and a database of public holidays worldwide.

World Time Server  - provides the most accurate current local times of any world clock on the Internet
What time is it in Tokyo, Japan?
What time is it in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?
What time is it Auckland, New Zealand?
What time is it is Sydney, Australia?
What time is it in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA?
What time is it in Los Angeles, California, USA?- Uses -
What time is it in Mexico City, Mexico?
What time is it Toronto, Ontario Canada?
What time is it in New York City, New York, USA?
What Time is it in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?
What time is it in Buenos Aires, Argentina?
What time is it in Reykjavik, Iceland?
What time is it in London, England?
What time is it in Paris, France?
What time is it in Cape Town, South Africa?
What time is it in Berlin, Germany?
What time is it in Moscow, Russia
What time is it New Delhi, India?


All - has conversion tables and on-line conversionsn for all most any thing.
Astronomical Applications
Astronomy Calculator -Moon, Planet Eclipses and Meteor showers


Calculators On-Line -contains over 7,000 calculators - Free Scientific Engineering Financial and Statistical Calculators.  Some Available On-line.
Classic Currency Converter
Convert it!
Cooking Measures and Conversion Calculator
Currency Converter Universal  | Currency Converter Full Version -Find almost any country!
Interactive Metric and English Units Conversion Calculator - does square meters, inches etc...
International Time Calculator -easy to use
File Download Calculator
Main Street Earth - Java Script Calculators
Measure 4 Measure -useful sites that estimate, calculate, evaluate and translate
Measuring Units Conversion Tables -length, area, volume, mass, and temperature
Measurement Units Translations -Speed Weight, Area etc
On-Line Calculators &  worksheets. iFigure provides links to online calculators and worksheets.
Pocket Calculator -Java Applet

Pop-up Calculators

Scientific Calculator | Basic Numeric Calculator
Conversion of Units
Test your Internet throughput speed for both graphics and text -click on performance test
Time Links: US Navy Observatory
Time Zone Converter
Virtual Moon Phase Picture
What Time is it? -World Time Zone Converter from CNN
World Time   -Interactive
Your weight on other Planets - NASA - Check out time is relative.
Your weight on other Planets Moons and Stars - Exploratorium, San Francisco, California - Check the Astronomy page for more...




AAA - Triple A Driving Service for Members of "AAA" and "CAA"California Links
California Beaches - Over 90 cities featured with links to 'Things to do" and popular attractions
Calfornia Cities, Counties and travel guides -includes local news and city websites and chamber of commerce.
California's Gold -PBS with Huel Howser
California Department of Education
California Digital High School Grant
California Official Website
California Technology Assistance Program - CTAP

LogoLatest seismic activity in L.A. and Orange County

Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Home Page
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Weather
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authourity - MTA
Southern California Earth Quake Center | Live Seismo Cam and Quake Safety - Look in the the top right corner for the seismo cam.
Southern California Traffic Report

Los Angeles Television -channel 2 Los Angeles KCBS
KNBC -Channel 4 Los Angeles
Channel 7 Online KABC -channel 7 Los Angeles
PBS -KCET Los Angeles

KABC -Talk Radio -Los Angeles 790 AM
KCRW -NPR Los Angeles 89.9 FM
KFI Talk Radio -Los Angeles 640.AM
KFWB News Radio -980 AM Los Angeles
KLOS -Los Angeles 95.5 FM Rock


State of California Official Website

California State Assembly
Find my California State Assembly Representative?

California State Senate
Find my California State Senator?

California Travel and Tourism
California (Yahoo)
City Net California - Maps, Weather,and links to city sites and attractions
Department of Motor Vehicles - DMV
Los Angeles Area (Yahoo)
Los Angeles Surrounding Areas (Yahoo)
Real Time Traffic Conditions -Other American Cities, does not include Los Angeles.
Real Time Traffic - Pick your city from a map!
San Francisco/Bay Area (Yahoo)
Visit California - Contains all kinds of useful information about visiting this great state.


Canada -General Information
Area Code and telephone lookup for US and Canadian numbers. Includes International phone number lookup also.
Broadband-Television  from Canada


CAA - The Canadian Automobile Association
- Websites from  hundreds of Canadian cities.  Click more cities for an extensive list.
Canada 411 -Nationwide address and telephone directory
Canada Page - Includes, signs you may be Canadian and other interesting Canadian Stuff
Canadians Abroad! - Stay in touch with Canadians in the Southern California.
Canadian English Language TV Broadcasts
Canada's Digital Collections -Check Subject Listings and Teaching Resources
CTV - Canadian Television  | CTV News
The Canadian Resource Page
The Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles, California
The Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C.
Canadian Education on the Web
Canadian Music - Canadian CD Specialists
Canadian Online Explorer
CBC - Canada's National Website - includes news, links to radio and television ,entertainment etc..
CBC - Live radio broadcast streaming - Includes Canadian news and shows
CBC National Radio
Department of National Defence
Discovery Channel Canada - Exploration Network
Great Canadian Scientists and Canadaian Science
I Love
Intellecast - Weather for Canada - Quick Reference - Also Check Environment Canada
Live Canadian Radio Broacasts from stations all across Canada
Magazine of Canadian Magazines-Search Index - Free and subscriptions.  Very extensive.
Pan Handle Premium - The Internet's original importer of Canadian candy to the US
Reference directories and websites for Canadian, US and International phone information and government agencies.
Signs that you may be Canadian - Where Canadians come first. 
Weather-Network - Features Canandian Weather

Tour Canada from Space
Great satellite images from the different provinces of Canada. Compare thetypes of remote sensing devices used for these shots, comparing the finerpoints of Landsat, Radarsat, and Spot MLA.  For older students, tutorials explain the fundamentals, sensors, microwaves, and more.


More Canadian Links Click Here More Canadian Links

Newspapers - in Canada
Postal Code Look-up - Click on Look-Up Postal code
RCMP Main Page
Introduction to to Official WebSite of Canada - Includes about Government, about Canada, quizzes and more ...
Telephone - The Ultimatie Directory Assistance.
Postal codes, Zip Codes and Area Codes for the US and Canada  |  Zip Codes and Postal Codes from around the World.

Toronto Links
Toronto Our City
Toronto Transit Commission -TTC live -Web Cam
Toronto Star Newspaper
TSN - Canada's Leading Sports Website
Weather - Environment Canada
Weather Office - The Source for Canadian and World Wide Weather
What New in Various Canadian Cities
Yahoo - Canada

Search Engines from Canada A-K  |  L-Z



Computers: PC and Mac


Apple Computers
CNet Central
CNet - Downloads
Computer Shopper ZD-Net
Computer Central -News, downloads, speed test
Dell Computers
Gateway Computers
HouseCall! Online Virus Scanning Service
Mac World Online
Micron PC
ZD Net
ZD Help and How To - PC and Mac.   Tutorials software tips and tricks, benchmarks and more...

Digital Still Cameras and Digital Photography
Digital Cameras and Reviews.  Compare different models side by side.  See what other owners say.


Computer & Internet Magazines and Resources


Cnet Central
Internet World Magazine
PC Computing Magazine (Website)
PC Magazine
PC World Magazine
PC World Magazine
The Computer Chronicles
The Most Incredible Site of the Day
The 25 Most Incredible Useful Sites
Yahoo Internet Life Magazine
Yahoo Internet Life Website Reviews
Yahoo Surf School
Yahoo On-line Issues
Yahoo's Incredible Useful Sites
The List (Over 3,000 Internet Service Providers)


Cool Stuff


Chemical Score Card -Find Chemical Polluters by zip code
Cool Site of the day -Another opinion
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet -Over 65,000+  Links
Day of Birth Calculator - How old are you? When is your next birthday? How many seconds old are you?
Hampsterdance - Notice that Hampster is spelled incorrectly.
Hunger Site - Donate food to the United Nations by giving a few moments of your time
Incredibly Useful Site of the Day -Yahoo Internet Life
Nutty Sites - Lost of stupid dances and other stuff
Keirsey Personality Web Site -Take the test on-line - Featuring many critters dancing, jokes and magic
Seeing Color - Includes color tests -Educational Games Fun and Games

Interactive Coloring -email your creation to a friend or relative
Kaleidoscope Painter
Nasa Color Me

Magic on the Internet
Easy Magic Tricks you can Learn
Diamond Jim's Internet Magic Tricks
Free Magic Tricks
Interactive Magic Magic Tricks
Magic Tricks
Mulawa Magic -mulawa is an  Australian aboriginal word meaning "shadow of trees"
Real On-Line Magic
Welcome to my cave of magic!

Measurements Converter
Moon Phase Java Applet
Potatoland -Weird stuff including graphic jam and a website shredder
Monster Moving - Relocation site for moving.
Police Scanners -Needs a sound Card
Pretty Strange Web Sites -Check the archives
Shoot the cannon
-You control the variables
Stain Removal Guide
The Web's Most Popular Sites!
View of the Earth from orbiting satellites
View aerial photographs from space -USA ,parts of Canada and Western Europe
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures


USA: General Information 
Area Code and telephone lookup for US and Canadian numbers. Includes International phone number lookup also.


Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for kids -Different grade levels, includes activities and leaning games.
Central Intelligence Agency   |  CIA World Fact Book listing data for 250 countries
CIA Homepage for Kids
Library of Congress
Library of Congress - Country Studies
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Consumer Information Center - Pueblo, Colorado - Rich resouces from cars, children, education & travel
Federal Statistics
Fed world Information Network
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Home Page
National Public Radio
Newspapers in the United States  -listed by state
Official U.S. Time  Accurate within less than a second - Public Television
Reference directories and websites for Canadian, US and International phone information and government agencies.
State Government Links -choose a state from a map and "click"
Telephone - The Ultimatie Directory Assistance. |  Postal codes, Zip Codes and Area Codes for the US and Canada
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Census bureau -TIGER Mapping Service "Coast to Coast" Digital Map Database.
U.S. Gazatteer Server
U.S. Geography -Links, interactive puzzles, maps etc...
United States Postal ServiceZipcode Lookup USPS   |   US and Canadian Zip Codes and Postal Code lookup  |   Zip codes and Postal Codes from around the World
United States Postal Rate Calculator

U.S. Airforce
U.S. Army
U.S. Marines
U.S. Navy

U.S. House of Representatives
United States Senate
U.S. Federal Government Agencies
U.S. Government Printing Office (Keeping America Informed)
Welcome to the White House
Write to - or Look-up - your Congressional Representative


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