Sheppard's Useful Links 3

E-mail Software for your Home Computer
Eudora light
Pegasus mail

Web Based E-mail
Latin Mail -  Tu Correo Gratuito En Español
Yahoomail - Includes a Web Based calendar

Web Based Calendars and other Utilities
Back Flip - Backflip is a free online tool that allows you to transform your bookmarks and favorite websites into a private search engine you can personalize and access from any computer. A great way to have your Internet resources travel with you.
Yahoo - Personal Calendar

Free Animated Greeting Cards!
Blue Mountain animated greeting cards
Greeting Cards by 123-Greetings
Message Mates animated E-cards for all occasions
Yahoo- Invites -Send Invitations via email to Barbeques, Parties, Birthdays, etc
Yahoo - Greetings cards

Educational Resources and Lesson Plans
Awesome Library K-12 Internet Directory
Blue Web'n Learning Applications Library
Britannica On Line -The World's Best Web Sites and the Encyclopedia Britannica Free!
Busy Teachers' WebSite K-12
CTAP Resources -California Technology Assistance Project
Curricular Resources and Networking Projects
Education Index -Organized by by Subject
Education World  -Where Educators go to Learn
EduNet -Organized by Learning Categories "Check out the Time Machine"
Encarta Lesson Plan Collection
ENC -Some the best Math and Science K-12 Resources on the Internet
Forefront Curriculum On-line -Developed for teachers who want to integrate the internet into the classroom
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Gateway to Educational Materials -Search for lessons by title, and grade level
Global School House -Directory of Internet Search Engines
Hands-On Science Centers World Wide
High School Lessons
Hot List of K-12 Internet School Sites
IBM  K-12 Lesson Plans
Intel in Education K-12 -Resources and Tools
Integrating the Internet in the curriculum
Interactive Mathematics On-line
Internet Public Library
Kids Web - The Digital Library for K-12 students
Kim's Web Site
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
K-12 World -Secure Search appropriate Internet resources
Library in the Sky -Find what you need.  Contains over 7,000 links
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Microsoft Learning Connection
-Search by Grade and Subject
Ten great science sites
World Wide Art Resources -gateway to museums, galleries and art sites

Entertainment & Music
Biography -the award winning website about people from the producers of A&E
Chord - Interactive chord finder and more.
CF Martin Guitar Company - Since 1833
Collection of Midi files in various categories
Classical Insites
Fun Brain - Games for kids K-8
Game Scene -Play games on-line
Guitar Center's Home Page
Guitars Rule - Many links - fun chord diagrams
Happy Puppy -Its all games
Hampsterdance2 - Original   |  Hampsterdance Home - Notice that Hampster is spelled incorrectly.
Midi Farm -Free files for non-commercial use | General Midi Files |  Holiday Midi Files
Midi Farm -List of links of midi files
Midi World -Classical
Midi World -Jazz
Midi Files -BTd Midi Archive
Midi Links from Crescendo
Midi Files and Links | List of Midi Files by artist and TV themes -Music and free softwareto play MP3 files
Music King's Ultimate Midi Archive - Featuring many critters dancing, jokes and magic
Puzzle Maker
Pretty Strange Web Sites -Check the archives
Puzzle Maker -create puzzles and games for your newsletters, flyers, handouts, or classroom assignments
Rock and Roll Music Links
Shockwave Game Index Enter Here - Games and much more..
Sounds and Clip Art - Organized by category..
Ultimate Band List - search for sounds in various categories
Wav and Midi Search Robot
World's Richest People -Forbes Magazine
 - Educational games

Movies, TV and Internet Webcasts

What's playing at the Movies -Yahoo Movies. Check movie listings by title, theater, star, includes reviews  - Find a movie, check the reviews and buty your tickets online. 
All Movies Guide   | Also check the Internet Movie Data Base
Broadband-Television .com - Your Guide to Broadband TV and Radio Broadcasts. Includes many countries.
Broadband-Television  from Canada

Broadcast-live .com - Radio and Televison Broadcsts from around the world.
Car Talk -Click and Clack on NPR
CBC - Live radio broadcast streaming. Includes Canadian news and shows
Internet Movie Data Base
KCRW - Los Angles 89.9  FM | Features many live webcasts
Le Show - featuring Harry Shearer
Live Radio Broadcasts from all over the world

Movie Reviews -Roger Ebert
NPR - National Public Radio
Radio Locator - Search for radio stations through out the United States and the World.  Some have streaming audio.
TV Guide On-line
TV - Guide - Official Online TV Guide - Contains TV - Listing and more
What's playing at the Movies - From Yahoo
wwiTV- Your streaming media portal. Includes many live broacasts from many countries.
Wowworks Movies - Contains many links to movies and movie related sites
Yahoo Internet Broadcasts

Yahoo TV

Information Technology History and Time lines:
BBN GTE Internet Timeline 1950's to 1990's
C|net -Source for product reviews,info about computers and the Internet and file downloads
The E-Business and Internet Technology Network ******
History of the Internet and WWW
Hobbe's Internet Timeline
Intel Museum
Learn the Internet (Tutorial Online)
Life on the Internet -PBS Timeline
Technology News
The Web's Most Popular Sites!
Time Line of Microcomputers
Triumph of the Nerds (1996 PBS Series)
The Virtual Museum of Computing

Find an ISP in your area
Directory of Internet Providers
Find Internet Service Providers fast!
The List (Over 3,000 Internet Service Providers)

EarthLink offers unlimited dial-up access for $19.95 from
more than 1200 locations in the U.S. and Canada.  800-395-8425
Mention Jeff Levy and they will waive the $25 activation fee!

Cable modems or Digital Subscriber Lines?
Time Warner Cable Modem -Roadrunner -Southern California, including Orange County
Roadrunner Cable Modem -Older Start Page
Cox Cable Digital Communications
Cable in the classroom - Who is my Cable Company?

Find a person by phone number, email, address etc...
Anywho -Try reverse phone number lookup

Custom Maps and Geography

Get a Flag for your School - This is a true story of how you can show your patriotism and get a flag free for your classroom or school.

Expedia -Find a map for the U.S., Canada,  Europe, Mexico and the world.  Includes driving directions
How far is it! -Check the distance between two cities
Flags of the World - Get flags for countries, states, provinces and cities.  More than 6000 flags
Flags of the world - Gives statistics for each country
Flags, anthems and facts for countries, states and provinces
Interactive World Fact Book
Library of Congress - Country Studies
Lycos Maps - MSN bought out Mapblas
MapBlast -Includes International Maps
Maps On Us
National Geographic Expeditions -Interactive Printable Maps
National Traffic and Road Closure Information
Rand McNally On-Line - Plan a trip, Get Driving Directions, Check Traffic and Road Construction
Terra Server - aerial photographs from space
Tour Canada from Space
Travel GIS - Interactive maps, country info - flight tracking and much more.


CIA - World Fact Book - Information by country.
Country Reports. org - Flags, country information and maps.
Flags of the the World - Maps and country information.
Flags of the world  - National anthems and information
Flags - 3D - animated and downloadable
World Atlas of flags, maps, and geopgraphy information.

Topozone -The TopoZone is the Web's center for topographic map users and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. In conjunction with the USGS "Topozone" has created the Web's first interactive topo map of the entire United States.

U.S. Gazatteer Server
View of the Earth from orbiting satellites

Xerox P.A.R.C. Map Viewer
Yahoo Maps

Medical and Health
Ask Dr. Weil?
Health World Online
Healthy Ideas
Keirsey Personality Web Site -Take the test on-line
National Library of Medicine's MEDLINEplus
Mayo Clinic
On Health - Health and Fitness
Planet RX
Runner's World
RxList -The Internet Drug Index
Sleep Home Pages are organized by the Brain Information Service
Stanford - University -Lane Medical Library  | Pregnancy
Zooth Land - Fun and Entertainment for Oral and tooth care

News On-line and Online Newspapers and Magazines
BBC Online - Everything you need, news, weather, index of topics, educational sites and much more
CBC - Canada's National Website - includes news, links to radio and television ,entertainment etc..
CNN Portata
Electronic News Stand (The Ultimate Magazine Source)
Irish Times - News from an Irish perspective

Newspapers On-line  - Find a newspaper world wide
Newspapers On-Line  - Choose a State with in the US
Newspapers On-line  - Out side the USA

Christian Science Monitor
Los Angeles Times
Orange County Register
New York Times
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post

Canadian Papers

Calgary Herald
Globe & Mail - Canada's National Newspaper
Toronto Star
Southam Newspapers
Vancouver Sun

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