Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle

Created By: L. Swain

Lesson Objective:
Students will research selected internet links to provide information about the characteristics and behavior of the bald eagle.

This is a lesson designed to help you learn about a specific bird of prey, the bald eagle.

Internet/Lesson  Procedure:

1. Click on the internet links and search.

2. Answer the questions listed on the worksheet.

3. List any other interesting comments you have found about the bald eagle.


1. What are the scientific classifications for the bald eagle?  Click on the links below to find the answers.

   The Bald Eagle - Scientific Classification -University of Alberta
  Eagle - Facts- Worldkids
  Bald Eagle - Florida State U.

Example -   Kingdom = Animalia
                Phylum   = Chordata
                Class  = _____________________
                Order = _____________________
                Family = _____________________
                Genus = _____________________
                  Species  = _____________________

2. Which classification indicates a bird of prey?______________________________

3. List four characteristics of a bird of prey.  Use the resources on this page or search for other resources.



4. Describe the habitat of the bald eagle.


5. How does the habitat provide the food the eagle needs to survive?


6. What foods are commonly eaten by eagles?


7. What is carrion?


8. What are the physical characteristics of the adult eagle?
    Bald Eagle
    The Bald Eagle - World Kids
    Bald Eagle -Florida State U.

   a. color of body =_________________________________

   b. color of head and tail = _________________________

   c. color of beak = ________________________________

   d. shape of beak = _______________________________

   e. height of bird = ________________________________

   f. wingspan from tip to tip= ________________________

   g. male weight =__________  female weight = ___________


   Additional characteristics:
  Bald Eagle Facts -University of Alberta - Facts

  h. flight speed = _________________________________

  i. diving speed = ________________________________

  j. behavior in water =_____________________________

9. Why are bald eagles called bald?_____________________________________________


10. Nesting Habits
  The Bald Eagle -World Kids
  Bald Eagle -Florida State U. - Facts

a. Where do eagles build their nests?_____________________________________________________

b. What is the average size and weight of the nest?__________________________________________

c. An eagle nest is called a(n)  _____________________________

d. The nest is made of ___________________________________________________

e. How long would a pair of eagles continue to use the same nest? ______________________________

11. Life cycle of the bald eagle

   Bald Eagle-Florida State U.
  The Bald Eagle -World Kids
  Eagle Facts- University of Alberta

a. The number of eggs per clutch is ______________________

b. The incubation period of the eggs is ___________________

c. The dependency period of time for the baby eagles is___________________

d. The sexual maturity of the bald eagle occurs at age ___________________

e. The life expectancy of the bald eagle is ____________________

12. Ecology and Conservation

       Bald Eagle-Florida State U.
      The Bald Eagle -World Kids

a. How do eagles help the environment?_________________________________________


  b. What are some of the dangers  that bald eagles encounter? _______________________


c. What  protections are necessary to promote the survival of the bald eagle?_____________


13. Why have many nations chosen the bald eagle as the national symbol throughout history?



14. List any other interesting facts you may have found.

a. ____________________________________________________________________________________

b. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Students will take a short quiz covering  the main concepts.
Teacher will have to create the quiz, or students could generate their own quiz questions. 

Fun Eagle Quiz for Review