Desert Biome

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Diane Lukes, Capistrano Unified School District


Area of Study:    Biomes: The Desert


 The students will utilize the Internet to explore various characteristics of the desert, adaptations of the desert animal of their choice, and adaptations of desert plants.

Web Quests # 1 - 3  

Deserts are areas of extreme heat and dryness. Deserts have certain characteristics that make them unique and fascinating.  The animals in the desert have adapted to the harsh environment.  Desert plants also have unique adaptations that enable them to survive the extreme conditions. 

(1) What makes a Desert a Desert?

Do we live in a desert?
How is Rancho Santa Margarita similar to the desert?
How is it different?
lease list five (5) characteristics that make a desert a desert.

(2) How have desert animals adapted to the harsh desert environment?

Click on the link below
Desert animal adaptations for survival
Choose a desert animal that interests you.
Hint: See the list of animals at the above link..
List two (2)  characteristics (adaptations) that your animal has that allows it to survive in the extreme conditions of the desert. 

(3) How have desert plants adapted to the harsh desert environment? 

Click on the link below

Desert Plants

1.  How do you think plants grow in a place that is very, very dry?
2.  What are two ways desert plants have adapted to the desert environment? 

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