Betta Fighting Fish


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The Betta splendens, Siamese Fighting Fish, are a member of the Labyrinth Fish Family.  Like all individuals within a population, they interact with one another.  In this lab, you will observe the interactions that occur between the two Betta Fish and design an experiment to determine the cause of these interactions.

Click here to review the Betta Fish anatomy.


Activity 1:  Observation of Betta's

Let fish rest 15 minutes before beginning Activity 2.

Activity 2:  Observation and Internet Search 

Write a one page summary describing the Betta Fish.  Below are some sites to "surf" for information.

Site #1 - Click here

Site #2 - Click here

Site #3 - Click here

Site #4 - Click here

Activity 3:  Scientific Method

A scientist solves all problems by a process called the Scientific Method.  In order for you to determine the causes of the interactions between the Betta Fish, you need to define the problem and perform an experiment.

 To review the Scientific Method, play the movie and take the quiz.  Click here to begin.
For more extensive review of the Scientific Method, click on the Science Concepts and do the lab.

Activity 4:  Design and Perform Experiment 

    1.  Was the hypothesis correct? Why or why not?

    2.  Are there any hidden variables?

    3.  What are the sources of error?

    4.  What would you do differently?

Report conclusions to class.


Adapted from "The Betta Lab" by Betty Rudd

A Few Internet Resources:


Created August 10, 2001
Last Revised August 16, 2001

Teacher Notes

Suggested Grade Level: 9 - 12

Grade 9 - 12: Investigation and Experimentation (1a-d) 

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Students need a basic background in: