Cosmic Chemistry

Cosmic Chemistry Web Quest


To investigate the chemistry of stars, nebula, planets, and other celestial bodies. This activity will help the learner understand and appreciate the integration of  the sciences of astronomy and chemistry.

Created by: Michael Antrim
Irvine Unified School District 


Resources Needed: 

Internet (WWW) access, chemistry and astronomy reference books

Your Tasks

There are two categories of assignments:  discovery sheets and projects. In completing a discovery sheet, you are to use the suggested Internet resources to answer questions on several topics. In completing projects, you will create your own product that teaches a cosmic chemistry topic. You will be able to select the type of "product"; these include: making a poster, developing a web page, or developing a Power Point presentation.

A Few Internet Resources:


Created August 16, 2000
Last Revised February 6, 2000

Teacher Notes

Cosmic Chemistry Web Quest

Science Content Standards: Note the following are examples.

Grade 6: Investigation and Experimentation (7a, b, c, e, g, h)
Grade 7: Investigation and Experimentation (7a, b, c, e)
Grade 8: Investigation and Experimentation (9a, b, e,)
Grade 9: Investigation and Experimentation (1a, c, d, i,) 

 S.C.O.R.E. Lessons Standards Search by Grade and Subject
S.C.O.R.E. Standards and Framework
California Content Standards Grades K-12
California Content Standards Grades K-12 - Science - PDF Format


Students need a basic background in lab procedures, cooperative team  (timekeeper, supplies, clean-up) and a basic understanding of plants  (roots, stem, leaf, flower). 


Interpreting data, making inferences, forming hypotheses, making predictions, graphing
Presentations -PowerPoint or Hyperstudio
Computer literacy
Effective use of Internet resources 


Presentations -PowerPoint or Hyperstudio, student created web page, worksheet, peer evaluation, rubric 


Presentations -PowerPoint or Hyperstudio, student created web page.