Ocean Currents and Weather

 Ocean Currents, Climate and Weather

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Click here to see live Surf cam images of the from around the world
Click hear to see the interactive weather data, surf cams and surf reports for Florida's Gulf Coast
National Buoy Center - Real Time Data

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Use the Following Web Site Find the Answers to these questions
NDBC Education Pages -NOAA

  (1) Are air temperatures the same over land and water?
  (2) Does water temperature differ between near-shore and offshore sites?
  (3) What is air pressure?
  (4) How are ocean waves described?
  (5) What causes ocean surface waves?
  (6) Are wind speeds the same over land as they are over the ocean?
  (7) What are sea breezes?
  (8) What are hurricanes? What happens during a hurricane?
  (9) What are tides?
  (10) How do tropical storms differ from winter storms?

How does the wind speed and direction affect wave height?

First watch the Real Player Video "Understanding Oceans"
Understanding Oceans - Questions,  Answers and Resources

Prepare explanations for each topic and be present your findings to the class.

Weather and Climate over the Ocean

Air Pressure Over the Atlantic and The Gulf Stream
Answer questions about the Bermuda High. What direction are low pressure systems?  Use the diagram to extrapolate why hurricanes move towards the coast.

How does the gulf stream make Supercells of weather?
How does rain fall at nearly 4 inches p/hr.? Read the conclusion of this "first report" to find the definition of the supercell. How does the supercell of the Gulf Stream affect the development of inland tornados?

Click here to see hurricane, tornadoes and severe weather

Movies and Videos of Current Weather!

Other Hurricane info and movies

These are hurricane & Extreme impact studies.
Included are the methods of forecasting.

What is the USGS?
What are some of the marine and coastal programs that they administer?

What are some career pathways for the USGS?

Marine Life

Temperature and the fishing industry

How far does the gulf stream travel?

Using this link find out about the fishing industry and what maps are available.

Marine Data Base for Pictures of the Pacific Coast.

 See some images from a local University and compare to the Atlantic animals.  See pictures of invertebrates, arthropods, fish, mammals and more! Why are there different organisms in the Atlantic Ocean?

Pictures of Fish

This is great resource for pictures and data about different kinds of marine life

What Mammals live in the oceans?

Research: Using this site find at least four addresses that create a focused study in the area of your interest. Also look into the oceanography resources and evaluate at least one site. Be sure to write addresses exactly as they are written in the window!  The best way to copy the address correctly is to copy and paste it from your web browser to your word processing program

Check These Links!!!

Science Links for Meteorology
Science Links for Oceanography 

A few Internet Resources:

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Created August 6, 1998
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