Digestive System



Created by: Jeff Caplan
Capistrano Unified School District

URL: https://www.can-do.com/uci-webquests/2002-webquests

Resources Needed:

Computer access to the internet.

Your Task:

1. Open to locate overview of  digestive system organs. Highlight each part to see its location on the GI tract.
View diagrams of stomach & small intestine for more advanced students.

2. Open the Virtual Body Tour on the digestive system.
Click on English or Spanish.
Click on Digestive Tract.
Begin by taking the Guided Tour.
Click on the Zoom-In and move down through the system reading the notes.
Complete the Organize Organs activity.

3. Click on animation to observe movement of food from mouth toward stomach.  Read text on mouth, then close to view animation.
List the parts of the digestive system the pizza passes to move toward the stomach.
For anatomy students be very specific, including areas inside mouth & around teeth, and pharynx.

4. Click on movie to trace an apple through GI tract.
List the organs the apple passes from mouth to anus.
List 3 accessory organs. 

5. Open the links to digestive system structures and move the mouse on the black-yellow-red-green marks on the diagram to learn the parts.

Anatomy & biology students should click on ALSO links and read the text and digestive system trivia.

6. Practice the quizzes from the following sites (you don't have to do all of them):

7. Learn about belches and farts, gurgling stomach noises, vomit and what makes up feces.

8. Play the Constipation Concentratation Game from the Ontario Science Center.

9. Figure out your BMI & BMR based on your daily activities using the calories/hour calculator.

10. Create a data table for all the foods your eating.  Determine the amount protein, fats & carbohydrates and calories your eating for an entire week.

A Few Internet Resources:

Email: caplans1@cox.net

Created August 16, 2002
Last Revised August 16, 2002

Teacher Notes

Suggested Grade Level: 6 to 12 

Science Content Standards: Note the following are examples.

      2c The sequential steps of digestion, and the roles of teeth and mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and colon in the function of the   digestive system.