Guinea Pigs

"Guinea Pig" Web Quest 

Created by:

Maggie Johnson, Santa Ana Unified School District



Students will utilize the Internet to discover the the natural habitats of guinea pigs as well as the care of  domestic guinea pigs.


Guinea pigs are both domestic animals as well as wild animals.  They have been given the name "pig" but are not in any way related to a pig.

(1)  History of Guinea Pigs

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History and origins of guinea pigs

1.  Describe how guinea pigs came to be pets.
2.  How are guinea pigs used in South America?
3.  What does it mean to be a "human Guinea Pig"?
4.  Describe the natural habitat of the guinea pig. 

(2) Care and Feeding of Guinea Pigs

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Habitat and Niche 

1. Describe the diet of a guinea pig.  Be sure to include what it means to be herbivorous.
2.  Make a food web for the guinea pig.  Include what it eats and what eats it.

(3)  To Be Or Not To Be A Pet

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Guinea Pig Page

1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of owning a guinea pig.
2. What would you need to purchase or borrow before you brought your "pig" home as your pet.
3. What are the differences between hamsters and guinea pigs? 

Click on on the original  hamsterdance web site for musical inspiration while you search the Internet for the answer to this question. 

(4) Oh no!! Babies 

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Breeding your Cavy -Guinea Pig
Dr. Barb Deeb's Guide to Guinea Pig Care

Describe the gestation period and number of babies that is most common for guinea pigs.

(5) Experiment:  Determine input and output


Using a triple beam balance measure input (food given to the guinea pig) and output  (wastes from the guinea pig) to determine how much of food is used as nutrients in the body of the guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Fun

Try the Interactive Guinea Pig (Puzzles and Games)
Try a quiz, puzzle, or memory game
Rodent Roundup Puzzle Picture

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Created August 7, 1998
Last Revised August 22, 2000