Kilauea Web Quest

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Maggie Johnson

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7th through 12th grade

Volcanoes have been a fascination since man began.  Although scientists have more of an understanding of the forces beneath the earths crust man realizes his limitations as to his control of nature.  For this reason volcanoes will continue to amaze all of mankind.:

To Warm up check out current volcanic eruptions world wide -sorted by date

Warmed up yet?
Now is time to take the Mount St. Helens Virtual Tour
Be Sure to check the view from the Summit -Apple Quicktime 360 degree view

Use the Resources Below to find the answers to these sample questions.

What is a volcano?
What causes volcanoes to form?
Are there different types of volcanoes?
What is the relationship between earth quakes and volcanoes?
What does plate tectonics have to do with volcanoes?
What are the parts and structure of volcanoes?
What are the risks to people and property from volcanic eruptions?
Can we predict when a volcano will erupt?
What role have volcanoes played in the evolution of life on the planet?

Back ground Information on Volcanoes
Photo glossary of Volcano Terms
Terrestrial Volcanoes
Types of Volcanoes
Volcanoes: US Geological Survey
Volcano World

Kilauea, Hawaii a case study

Check the Kilauea update page for the latest information on this active volcano

This is one of the active volcanoes in the world.
Previous eruptions of Kilauea

Use these resources to answer these questions.

1.  Where is Kilauea located?

2.  How does this volcano provide new land on the island?

Volcano Lesson -View a sequence of pages to learn about volcanoes

Click below to find out what hazards occur when a volcano like Kilauea erupts.

Hazards of Volcanoes 

Search for Web resources to answer these questions.

1.  What kind of damage has occurred from lava flows?
2.  What is meant by lava flows.

What are the water temperatures where lava meets the ocean?

Volcanic Gases

Click on the picture to find out about volcanic gases

 Volcanic Gases

1.  What types of problems occur to living things from volcanic gases?

Click below to find out about the "Hot spot" Theory.

Hot spot Theory

1.  Describe how the Hawaii islands formed.
2.  From the pictures above determine which island is the youngest and why.
3.  Why will new islands continue to form in the the chain of Hawaiian islands?

Building Volcano Models 

Where are the world's volcanoes located? - Take this interactive quiz

Movies of Kilauea - Mpeg and Quick Time (Requires a fast Internet connection)

A few Internet Resources:

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