Viruses Web Quest

Area of Study: Viruses and Viruses Properties

Created by:

Tip Lefebvre, Santa Margarita Catholic High School



Students will utilize the Internet to better understand viruses and their properties.


Viruses are very small, a few nanometers in size. They can be found everywhere.
They can cause great havoc to animals and plants, from illness to death.  You will be given specific task and instructions. You may use the resources on this page or you can cause the Search engines to find what you are looking for. Remember to make reference of all the websites that you use during this web quest. 

Record the URL and a brief description of each site that you use. 

Your Task

1. Select a virus to be researched (any virus except HIV). 

Have your virus selection approved by the teacher.

                        Start here:

2.  Write a two page report on the virus you selected. Your report is to include history, replication, how virus is transmitted,  effects on host organism,
( must have three sources footnoted, with Web Site addresses). 

3.  Draw  a picture of your virus, on a poster board.

4.   Give an oral presentation, in your words, to the class  (you can not read your report).

5.   Hand in five multiple choice question.

Good Luck,  Throw  hard, and  Mash

A few Internet Resources:


Created August 6, 1998
Last Revised february 6, 2000