Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

 Lets get started and get your feet wet!

Created by:

Chris Carter,  Saddleback Unified School District

URL: https://www.can-do.com/uci-webquests/1998-webquests 

Click on the Link Below and choose a Surf Cam Surf Cams around the world.

Surf Cams World Map

Click on the Link below to see a live video stream.
Live Web Cam video feed from Huntington Beach Pier, California, USA
Live Web Cam video feed from Seal Beach, California, USA

Investigate the Following Questions:

What causes waves?
Waves are created by wind tides and the Earth's rotational motion.
Click here for a thorough explanation of  The Birth of a Wave
or click here for another explanation

How are ocean waves described?
The Answer is

Tides and the Moon
What phase of the moon are we in?
Tides are different than waves although tides can affect wave height. This site teaches you all about tides and what causes them. Click here for a lesson on tides

When is the next  lunar eclipse?

What causes Tides?
In your own words prepare an explanation.  You will present to other students.
Try these resources or use search engines to help you find the information you need.

When are the High and Low Tides for Los Angeles, California Today?
Click here for the La Jolla, California

Find the High and Low tides times for the next two days for La Jolla, Los Angeles, and San Diego.
Follow the Tides link on the left and select the locations using the drop down menu!

Using the tide chart options copy data for the three cities. Tide values are in feet. Create a chart for the data adding a column for meters. Make sure you do two days, high and low tides for both. Fill in the meters by using the Java Calculator. Graph your chart using different colors for the three cities. Include a key. Time is the x axis and meters are the y axis.

Use the Java Calculators links below to Perform any conversions you will need for this quest.

  More Java Script Calculators

A few Internet Resources:

Email: cchaskins@hotmail.com (Christina Carter)

Created August 14, 1998
Last Revised March 5, 2000