Frogs Life

It's a Frog's Life


You will learn the life cycle of a frog through information provided on the Internet, literature, and observations of live animals. 

Created by: Kristen Liesch
Ocean View School District


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Did you know that frogs begin their lives as tiny embryos?  Through a process called metamorphosis, these eggs turn into tadpoles and eventually into frogs.  This entire process takes from 12 to 14 weeks.  This process is also known as the frog's life cycle. 

Click Here  to find more interesting  facts about frogs. 

Task #1


At an assigned time, you will be asked to go and observe our tadpoles as they progress into frogs.  Be sure to use the chart below to record your observations.  Sketch your observations in your journal.  

Task #2


Print, color, and label the life cycle of a frog diagram.

Task #3


To learn how the tadpole can metamorphose through various stages to become an adorable frog, go to the Frog Life cycle.   Be sure to click on each picture.  It will then explain what is occurring in at each stage.  Do not go on if you don't understand.   Ask for help.   Read carefully because you will need to answer the following questions using the word bank below.

1.  The ___________ protects the egg from harm.

2.  The __________stage is when the organs and gills begin to develop.

3.  After 21 days, the embryo becomes a _________________________

4.  A tadpole has a long ________ and lives in the _________________

5.  What three things develop after five weeks?

(A)  ___________________     (B) ___________________       (C)  ___________________

6.  A tadpoles __________ becomes smaller as its  _________ grow bigger.

7.  Tadpoles use their __________ to breathe while frogs use their _________.

8.  A frog is fully developed after ________ weeks.

9.  A grown frog has ________ legs.

10.When a tadpole changes into a frog it is called _____________.

 **Please note: One word needs to be used twice.

Task #3
Scavenger Hunt
Please complete 3 of the following activities:

1. Go to the Frogland   web site and find the Silly Frog poll of the week.  Cast your vote.
2. Complete the word search  all about frogs.
3. With the aid of the teacher go to Puzzlemaker,  and create a frog puzzle for class use.
4. Take the Frog Trivia Quiz.   Be sure to check your answers.
5. Learn one of the frog poems and then recite it for the class.

Task #4 

Story Writing

Write a story about a frog.  With the aid of the teacher, you will type your story on the computer.  When all of the stories are complete, you may want to e-mail them to our pen pals.

Extra credit

Color the Mr. or Mrs. Frog page in the Frog Gale Color book

Make an origami frog.

Print out the directions to make a Froggy Cake at home.  With an adult's help, complete the directions, and either take a picture of the cake, or bring the cake into class.  Good luck baking.

Congratulations you have completed "It's a Frog's Life."  You may now access one of the following during your free time.

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Teacher Notes

Suggested Grade Level: 1 to 2 ?? 

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