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You Are What You Eat!

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Skip Rogers

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Suggested Grade Level: 5th-8th -High School with extension

So you've got the munchies... you take a hike (or your bike) to the nearest fast food joint to feed your need. Just what are you getting with your burger and fries? Usually more than you bargained for in fat! How do you please your taste buds but still keep your arteries clear and your bathroom scale from groaning when you walk by?

OK, how much fat can I get away with?

On the average, Americans eat a diet in which about 36 percent of the calories come from fat. This is too high for good health for some people. The Dietary Guidelines suggest a goal of 30 percent or less of total calories from fat. They also suggest limiting saturated fatty acids to less than 10 percent of calories. 

Read the questions below. Click on the fast food links below the questions to find information on the nutritional value of your fave fast food. Finding the answers will help you juggle your choices and munch out with a clear conscience! 

Do the foods you eat provide more fat than is good for you? Answer the questions below, then see how your diet stacks up. 

Take a look at your answers. If you have three or more responses in the last two columns, this indicates that you may have a high fat intake. You can cut back on the amount you eat as well as the number of times you eat fatty foods. 

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Created August 12, 1998
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