Deep Impact


Could it happen? 

Web Quest Lesson:

Created by Chris Carter
Saddleback Unified School District, Orange County, CA  USA


In this lesson we will explore the recent information about the crater called Chicxulub.
Scientists have found evidence woldwide tha an E.L.E ended the existence of many life forms and changed the direction of life on Earth as we know it. In this Web Quest you will search a database and analyze the most recent information available. At the completion of this lesson you will be able to answer the question:

"What  caused the end of the dinosaur age?"

Introduction: -Visit thes sites to get a brief overview

The Planetary Society -NEO

Asteroid and Comets Impact Hazards -Nasa

The Torino Scale -NEO Hazards -Nasa 

Some Resources:

Asteroid Comet Impact Hazards -Nasa
Asteroid Facts and Resources -Nasa

Asteroid and Comets - Nasa

Deep Impact - From JPL  - Encounter with a comet
Near Earth Object Program -NEO from J.P.L. 

What are the chances that an asteroid or comet hitting the earth caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs?
Could a Volcano Have Been the Cause of Extinction?
Did the Comet really wipe out the dinosaurs?
Will It Happen Again?_Organizations that study NEO (Near Earth Objects)
What Are NEO's?  


Created in August 1998
Revised January 7, 2002