Postcards from the Gold Rush!

Each postcard must have:

1. A picture from your trip

2. A description of your picture: who, what, where, and any other interesting facts

3. A personal letter to your loved one back home - include details about your trip

4. A stamp

Card 1. 

Introduction: Who are you? Why you are making this trip? Be creative! Are you a sailor? A child? A salesman? A writer?

Card 2

Describe an interesting place that you have discovered while on this journey.

Card 3. 

Write about an interesting "thing" from the gold rush period. Why is this object important?

Card 4

Tell about an interesting person that you have met along the way. Why is this person important to you?

Card 5

Write about an "idea." Select a picture that represents an issue or problem that was relevant during the gold rush. For example: racism, gold fever, supply/demand

Card 6

Conclusion: What happened to you? Did you strike it rich? Are you going to return home? What are your final impressions of the gold rush?